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WoW Gold Farming-5 Great Farming Spots for Fast World of Warcraft Gold

WoW Gold Farming - ugh, not again. It gets tiring to always have to be farming gold for this item or that enchant or a mount or who knows what else. But the reality is that if you want to enjoy your time you have to have gold. Wouldn't it be nice if you could at least find places to farm gold in a hurry, so you could get back to doing other things? Of course! So here's a list of 6 great places to farm gold in World of Warcraft:

1) Azshara - there are a couple different approaches here. First, if you're somewhat risk-averse and just want a nice steady income stream, you're going to want to go kill the blood elves. They drop cash, and they drop runecloth. Runecloth has a very nice steady market, so you can sell your stacks of cloth for gold. If you don't mind a little risk in your diet, you can grind on the demons instead. They will drop greens, blues, and even epics occasionally. So you might not make as much on some days, but other days you can really hit it.

2) Eastern Plaguelands - If you head over by the undercroft, there are zombies that are pretty easy to handle. They drop coin and other miscellaneous items, don't have any particularly nasty abilities, and there are a pretty good number of them.

3) Dire Maul Tribute - This requires you to have a group that knows what they are doing. You can find guides on the major sites for doing tribute runs in DM. If you have a decent group and you've practiced it a few times, you can blaze through this in a hurry. As soon as you are done, pop out of the instance and reset it. Then immediately run it again.

4) Stratholme - this is another group event. This instance can be run in 45 minutes or less with a decent group. With a very good group it can be handled in around 35 minutes. True, you don't have a lot of time to pick up stuff, and you aren't killing all the mobs, but if you bring an enchanter along with you the loot from just the bosses will make the trip worth it. It is very easy to make a PILE of cash from disenchanted items in this instance, and you may even pick up an item you can use.

5) Uldaman - For this one you'll need to be able to disenchant items. Head into Uldaman and go into Dig Three. Inside you will find Galgann Firehammer. He drops a couple of items that disenchant pretty well.

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