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Why Do I Have To Scald Dairy Products To Make Ice Cream

Most everybody likes ice cream, but there are very few, if any, commercial ice creams that can hold a candle to the old-fashioned home made kind. Sure it is easy to go to the supermarket and buy any flavor you want, but most of them are full of artificial flavors, colors, stabilizers, emulsifiers and air. Some of the ingredients listed are hard to pronounce, so I avoid them.

Even the packaged mixes for ice cream makers are loaded with junk. The only way to make sure to get a pure product is to make it yourself. Some ice cream recipes call for eggs, honey, light cream, salt and vanilla. Now that is as simple as you can get for a pure ice cream. The only thing is that it takes longer because the egg mixture has to be cooked and then cooled before using the ice cream maker.

The best ice cream I ever made contains only 3-ingredients, vanilla beans, light cream and honey. With the addition of wild strawberries there is only 4. I take 3-vanilla beans and 1-quart of cream and heat them until they are scalded. Then I remove the vanilla beans, split them and scrape the seeds and pulp from the pod. Put the seeds and pulp back into the cream. I keep the pods and put them in a jar of sugar for use in flavoring foods.

Next I add 1-1/2-cups of light-colored honey to the scalded cream and chill it. When it is chilled I add 2 more quarts of cream and put it into the ice cream freezer. I add my wild strawberries to the ice cream when it just starts to harden in the maker. I use 5-cups of berries for a gallon of Ice cream. Wild strawberries have more intense flavor than tame ones. I crush them and drizzle a little honey over them and let them mascerate for a few hours before putting them in the ice cream.

This recipe works in an electric freezer just as well as a hand-turned one. If you are using vanilla extract there is no need to scald the milk. Use 1-teaspoon extract in place of 1-vanilla bean. I like the taste of vanilla bean better and I like to flavor my sugar with the empty pods.

Everything I write about is from personal observation and life experiences. I love to cook and prepare foods in different ways. I like sharing my experiences about food and cooking. My website was created because of my interest in quality cookware and cooking.