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Washington Dairy Products Commission Salaries

A handyman is a person who does odd jobs related to electrical fittings, plumbing, house cleaning, and garden upkeep. Salaries paid to handymen depend on whether they are self-employed or work for a contractor or franchisee. Self-employed handymen are paid on an hourly basis whereas handy men that work for an organization are paid monthly salaries.

Handymen salaries vary from state to state and are usually higher in big cities such as New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, and others. Handymen salaries also depend on the experience and skills of a handyman, which means that a handyman with more experience and skills will be paid more than a handyman who has lesser experience.

Based on independent salary surveys, the median pay range for self-employed handymen ranges from fifteen to twenty-five dollars an hour. The median salaries are however less than average salaries, which range from twenty to thirty dollars per hour. Handymen that are employed in an organization can get salaries ranging from thirty-five to forty-five thousand dollars, depending on the remuneration policies of the organization. Handyman services firms also pay commission to their employees in case they bring new work opportunities through their own contacts. They may also get bonuses if they complete their work before time.

Handymen normally prefer working for a contractor or other firms as they have plenty of resources for generating work opportunities. Working in an organization is better then being self-employed, as handymen do not have to use their salaries for purchasing tools and equipment, which is provided by the organization.

Individuals who cannot afford the services of a handyman due to their service rates can perform all the tasks done by handymen with the help of do it yourself (DIY) handyman guides available in the market. They can also take help from friends and acquaintances that have done similar type of work.

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