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Fiction: High Protein/Low carbohydrate diets are the business

Fact: These diets rely on getting most of the required calories from foods high in proteins, these foods include:

- Meat
- Dairy
- Eggs

These diets also minimise the amount of carbohydrates that you eat, including:

- Bread
- Pasta
- Potatoes
- Fruit

These diets certainly work, however they prevent you eating many favourite foods, which can make it more likely you'll get bored of your diet. As soon as you start to get bored, you'll no doubt be considering giving up completely. Another major problem is that these diets are quite unhealthy.

Some people do experience success using these high protein low carbohydrate diets, however you donít just lose weight with these diets. You can also expect to lose muscle mass, which is not something anybody wants. These diets also put extra strain on the kidneys.

The strain on your kidneys is not very good for you, over a prolonged period this can cause headaches, dizziness, and dehydration. You must discuss any diet with your doctor before you start. The best diet is a balanced diet, as it should help your body to lose weight whilst also staying healthy.

Fiction: Weight can be lost overnight and then you can return to normal

Fact: Many of the popular diets are in fact fads, these never last long and are pretty unhealthy. Diets which make you cut out dairy foods from your diet may not be healthy for example. These diets do not provide your body with everything it needs, and so any weight loss from these diets is unlikely to be permanent.

The only way you can permanently lose weight is to avoid eating certain foods, and also exercise more. The most important thing is a well balanced diet.

Fiction: Reduced fat food means you can feel less guilty

Fact: The only reduced fat foods that are actually good for you are fruits. There are numerous other reduced fat foods that are ok for treats, but you shouldn't go overboard! Reduced fat foods also have extra calories, as they have added sugar or flour. Scrutinize the list of ingredients to make sure you donít eat anything that's too bad for you.

Fiction: Vegetarian food is better for you

Fact: Vegetarian diets can be good for you, and they can help you to lose weight. However meat isn't the culprit. If the diet can provide your body with all of the calories it needs then it may help you to lose weight. Eating foods just to fill you up is likely to cause health problems in the future.

Plants normally contain fewer nutrients than meat, and so you'll need to eat more to make up for it. Many vegetarians will have to take supplements as it can be difficult to get enough of the vitamins needed.

Fiction: Dairy products are bad

Fact: Dairy products might make you fat if you overindulge, however if you are sensible they're actually pretty good for you! The French have proven this by eating cheese and drinking wine like there's no tomorrow and still living long lives!

Dairy products contain high levels of calcium which is needed to keep your bones and teeth strong. Calcium is vital for children, and it's also important for adults. Vitamin D is also present in dairy products which is needed to regulate the levels of calcium.

You can opt for low fat or even no-fat dairy products, there are hundreds of different varieties available these days. If you canít eat dairy produce then you can try soy or rice milk.

Butter is a dairy product that you should be cautious of. Butter contains high levels of fat, although slightly better than margarine you should still avoid it if possible. offers you the latest information on weight loss, articles, and reviews about the numerous weight loss products that are on the market.

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