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Theres Dairy In Everything When Youre Lactose Intolerant!

Being a person who is lactose intolerant means always having to plan ahead for every meal, reading labels and always asking the question “ is there any dairy in this dish”?

How many times have you arrived at a gathering of your friends or family only to feel like your being there was a hassle for your host? Not because of who you are but because of your inability to digest dairy. I know you lactose intolerant sufferers can relate… you know that look when you arrive and they forgot to prepare something for you. I usually got the “OMG did you remember your pills” or “I prepared your dish, it’s over there”. I just hated watching everyone else dive into that buffet of garlic cheese fingers, pizza, the cheese sticks the cheese platters and of course the dips and sauces.

How about groceries! I went grocery shopping with my wife and while she was busily filling our cart with what she had written on her list, I decided I would check to see just how many products were in the frozen food section that contained dairy. You really only realize how much dairy has integrated itself into our everyday diet until you find out that you can no longer stomach it. I was shocked to see how many products actually listed lactose as an ingredient. You’ve got delicious stuffed potatoes whipped with milk and smothered with cheese, I believe cheese is a requirement in any Italian entrée.

There was lasagna, Savory Cheese Tortes, Chicken Parmesan and every other pasta dish known to man. Let’s not forget about everybody’s favorite… pizza, well everyone’s favorite except sufferers of lactose intolerance. You’ve got three-cheese pizza, you’ve got extra cheesy pizza, meats and cheese and let’s not forget about stuffed crust pizza. There were about 30 different types of pizza and of course you had the garlic cheese fingers to accompany it. All this and I hadn’t gotten to the desserts yet. I was amazed I ever got off the toilet

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