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Sweet Rasagolla - The Bengali Indian Delight

Recipe for Rasagolla

Ingredients Required

Channa - 200 g

Maida - 8 g

Sugar - 500 g

Water - 1 Liter

Flavour - A few drops

Method of preparation of Rasagolla

To prepare rasagolla, channa is the raw material required. The channa is broken into bits and kneaded. Care is taken to avoid oozing of fat from channa during kneading operation. To avoid this, especially in summer, the vessel in which the kneading is done is kept on a tray containing ice or chilled water. If required a small quantity of maida may be added to avoid cracks in the finished rasagollas. The consistency of the kneaded mass should be such that when made into small balls, it has a smooth surface without any signs of cracks.

The next step in the preparation of rasagolla is sugar syrup. The required quantity of sugar is dissolved in water and the solution is boiled. During this process, three tablespoonfuls of milk may be added to the sugar syrup and the scum that forms is ladled out to get clear syrup. This syrup is kept in a vessel of sufficient capacity so that a minimum depth of 10-15 cm of syrup is obtained.

The channa balls are gently placed in the boiling sugar syrup for the cooking process. Care has to be exercised that the balls do not overcrowd the vessel and there is enough space for them to move freely in the vessel, especially after they swell absorbing the sugar syrup.

If the channa has been well made and properly kneaded, the balls will not crack or break. After 5-10 minutes, the colour of the balls will darken slightly. The finished rasagollas will normally be ready in 30 minutes after immersion in the sugar syrup. During the last stage, the lid should be removed so that finally it obtains one string consistency. After cooling, rose flavour may be sprinkled and now the Rasagolla is ready to serve.

Have you already prepared rasagolla? If not, follow the recipe and you will definitely get a wholesome sweet indigenous dairy product, that is nothing but Rasagolla!

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