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Strep Agalactiae Infection From Consuming Raw Dairy Products

Many of us know what a strep throat is and many do not. Some of them even know how to treat such a condition, some don' t. What causes it is a question still unanswered form plenty, but for others just another thing they know. But it is impossible for all to know everything about strep throat. So for everybody, here are the must know' s about strep throat.

When you have fever, pain in your stomach or red tonsils, you could be suffering from an infection with a streptococcus bacteria. This is also known as a strep throat. The proper medication for this infection is antibiotics. This kind of bacteria infections is most spread amongst children.

It is an infection that spreads very easily. It can be passed away from one child to another through a sneeze, cough or just by the shaking of one' s hand. This is possible because the bacteria that causes the strep throat usually hangs out in the nose and throat. This is the reason why every parent should teach their child the importance of hygiene.

Well, I hope you are a little more enlighten on this subject and do not worry. There is still musch to learn. For example, how many of you can tell the difference between a sore and a strep throat? Here are some tips for you. Sore throats are caused by a virus action, and symptoms include a runny nose, red eyes, cough.

In case of a strep throat, symptoms develop in three day' s time and can include:

- fever;

- difficulty when swallowing and swollowen glands;

- headache;

- stomach pain and loss of apetite or nausea;

- sometimes even a rash;

If any of these symptoms are present in your child' s condition, the best thing to do is contact the doctor. He/ she will do a strep test. If results are positive, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics for a period of 8 to 10 days. This is usually the time in which the child will heal.

A very important thing to remember is to give your child his antibiotics as prescribed if you want the infection to heal completely. Together with the antibiotics, make sure your child drinks plenty of liquids, but keep him away from acidic drinks. Cool liquids are indicated.

For the safety of other children, best keep your child at home for the duration of the treatment. Also protect the other members of your family against the infection.

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