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Small Dairy Farming On Small Acerage

Now is the time to take your lead generation into consideration, and decide what methods give you the highest returns. Direct mailings can be very expensive, and they can make great demands on your time. But once your small business blog is up and running, it goes on farming for you 24/7, 365 days a year. The only maintenance a blog requires is the time it takes to post comments and read responses from readers. Your small business blog never stops farming for you. It's the "gift that keeps on giving."

Certainly there's a place for direct mail farming in every small business owner's marketing strategy-not all potential clients search for services on the Internet. Small business blogs haven't made letters, fliers, and postcards obsolete. Indeed, there is something special about receiving hard copy in the mail. For the minority of clients and potential clients who don't start their searches on the Internet, direct mail farming still needs to be done.

Nonetheless, the biggest payback from blog farming comes when small business blogs generate feedback from clients. Everyone in small business should actively seek feedback from clients and potential clients, but most entrepreneurs fail to do this consistently. Direct mail is not a medium that makes it easy for people to respond. However, small business blogs are a perfect platform for getting instant feedback.

Most people don't want to go the extra mile. That's why excellence and greatness are so rare-most people don't want to work that hard. Research shows that talent is irrelevant to great success. What's the secret? Hard work and dedication. Your key skill as a small business owner is your dedication to your clients-your ability to win their trust and help them achieve their goals. A small business blog lets you serve your whole community of clients simultaneously, and it's designed to produce continual feedback.

What do you need to take your business to the next level? What do you need to be great? You need a business system that provides timely feedback-a system that lets you know what customers want before they know what they want. Direct mail farming is too slow to do that; blogging was made to do it. There's still a place for direct mail farming in your marketing strategy, but blog farming is the way to build greatness into your small business without spending all of your savings.

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