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Retail And Industrial Packaging -- Why Partnering With A Packaging Producer Can Save Boatloads

Retailers today, desperate for products that appeal to their shoppers, are becoming increasingly dependent upon their suppliers to provide them with items that offer consumers something unique and appealing. And this dependence also results in increased demands: find a manufacturer who is familiar with the many demands and requests of a retail customer.

The competition is fierce, and it’s not going to get better. Everyday, more and more products enter the market that are usually a variation on something that already exists. For this reason, manufacturers have had to find new ways to make their products more appealing. And since the new product development process can often be tedious and time-consuming, many consumer products companies have looked to the packaging world for help.

But they shouldn’t go it alone. While some manufacturers have packaging engineers and designers, their main goal is (and should be) marketing their own product. In most cases, manufacturers should consider packaging producers to help them with their packaging needs. Similar to movie producers who handle all the details of making a movie such as bringing together actors and actresses, construction of a movie set, securing extras and filming locations, etc, packaging producers can be invaluable since they are familiar with so many types of packaging and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here is just a small sampling of reasons why:

Packaging producers are on the leading edge of the packaging world. They see what’s out in the marketplace, both domestically and internationally, and they’re more poised to recognize true packaging innovation. Unless you’ve got a bottomless budget and lots of time on your hands, you should consider hiring a packaging producer to advise the best alternatives that are available.

By outsourcing your packaging projects to a packaging producer, you’ll be tapping into a resource who knows the industry and who has invested in the best talent, materials, and equipment to cater to your packaging needs. Lastly, packaging producers are experts in their field, and for this reason they can offer you the best possible product, at the best price, with the fastest turnaround time.

By trusting a packaging producer, making them a true partner with your business, and by letting them determine what solution is best for your packaging needs, you may just find your products sitting pretty on those ever-demanding store shelves.

David Marinac

American Built Containment Systems (ABC Systems) is the only company that custom designs specialty packaging via the Internet without having to meet with a customer face-to-face. This allows them to respond faster than any other company at the total lowest cost.