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Protein Prices Increasing Market Wide

Throughout the country, higher dairy prices are trickling down to the consumer, from gallons of milk to an ice cream sundae. Industry experts say the prices are driven in part by foreign demand for American milk products, and ethanol producers competing for the same corn farmers use to feed livestock.

Recent price hikes in the dairy industry - beginning with whey protein - have also sent the cost of processed protein, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, ice cream and other products soaring throughout the country, dairy industry experts say. One result is that supplement manufacturers such as Foundation Nutriceuticals have been forced to increase the prices for their whey proteins, whey protein isolates and milk protein. This in turn this trickles down to national supplement companies like World Class Nutrition. They are forced to increase their prices to the customer. Mr Alexander from World Class Nutrition states "We made some large buys of protein at the pre-increase price levels but our supply has almost been depleted." Mr Alexander told us that once the word got out on the internet that one could still buy cheap protein, their sales increase by 400%.

Whey protein has become the premier form of protein used in nutritional products, shakes, and bars. Whey protein has one of the best absorption rates which has lead to its high demand. If you look on the label for any major product, you will see that whey is protein used in most cases.

Whey protein will still be the major protein of choice for athletes, bodybuilders, and people achieving weight loss. The only problem being the prices will be going up to something other than inflation. Whey protein still stands as the best protein choice for supplements.

Even with the rise in prices for whey protein, you still want to stay clear of soy protein. Studies have shown that high amounts of soy protein can lower your testosterone and increase your estrogen. Fatigue, lack of strength, and decreased libido have all been reported from soy protein consumption. These effects seem to affect men and women equally.

Consumers will never see the deep discount prices they have enjoyed for the past 2 decades. With Egg protein being in already short supply from the bird flu problems, bodybuilders and athletes will have little choice but to pay the price. Soy is a poor alternative to whey protein and soy causes a rise in estrogen which no athlete wants. Unfortuneately much like the price of gas, the high price of protein is here to stay.

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