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Placement Of Dairy Products In Walk-in Refrigerator

Ever stop and think about how cool a refrigerator is? (pun intended)

And what makes refrigerators even cooler appliances is that theyíre not just one big icebox. You got the crisper section with vents to keep veggies fresh. You got the dairy section with a sealed drawer to keep cheese nice and dry. Then thereís the super-insulated freezer section, the easy-to-reach condiments section, and with each section comes the great things it contains.

Put it all together and you got a refrigerator.

Thatís what the Internet is like.

Itís really a large container that holds a bunch of sub-containers together. In this case, all the containers are networks. So the Internet is a network that holds a collection of sub-networks. So what are these sub-networks? Hereís the biggies:

* World Wide Web (thatís right, the Web and the Internet arenít the same thing!)

* email


* Chat

* Telnet

* Gopherspace

* P2P

* Instant Messenging

And just as each section in the fridge is different (e.g., vented drawer), so too, each sub-network of the Internet is different. And since each sub-network is different, you use a different type of software to work with it.

For example, you use a browser (e.g., Netscape or Internet Explorer) for the World Wide Web. You use an email client (e.g., Eudora or Outlook Express) for email. You use FTP software for FTP, and so on.

And when you put all the sections together, youíve got the Internet.

And thatís why the Internet is like a refrigerator.

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