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Phosphorous Levels Of Dairy Products

It combines with calcium to create the calcium-phorphorus balance necessary for the growth of bones and teeth and in the formation of nerve cells. This mineral is also essential for the assimilation of carbohydrates and fats. It is a stimulant to the nerves and brain.

Phosphorous is found in abundance in cereals, pulses, nuts, egg yolk, fruit juices, milk andlegumes. Usually about one gram of phosphorous is considered necessary in the daily diet.

A phosphorous deficiency may bring about loss of weight, retarded growth, reduced sexualpowers and general weakness. It may result in poor mineralisation of bones, deficient nerve andbrain function.

While taking calcium in therapeutic doses for calcium deficiency conditions or for treatingailments, it is advisable to take the calcium supplement in which phosphorous has been addedin the correct proportions. This is necessary as calcium cannot achieve its objectives unlessphosphorous is present in a proper balance.

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