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Origin Of Beef And Dairy Cattle Farming In Nigeria

Have you ever applied for a job with the hope that you have the necessary qualifications but you were not able to get the job? This might be due to one of the following mistakes:

"Read this and pass it across to others"

1. Not specifying the position you want in your Resume.- A lot of people apply for jobs using the same unedited Resume they used in getting their former job. Some also forget to specify the position they are actually applying for in their Resume. Watch out for this when next you are applying for a job.

2. Not distinguishing yourself from other applicants- A lot of people are applying for that Job you are applying for. How do you make yourself different from them? Always put expert touches to your documents (Cover letters and Resume) Also print it on High quality papers.

3. Not knowing anything about the position ( Company) It is disheartening that during interviews, most people show that they do not know much about the job they want to get? Who would employ someone like that? Before going to the interview, read everything you can find about the job you want to get.

4. Not dropping a thank you note- Do you know that a lot of Nigerians do not know anything about "thank you notes" This simple idea can hook you up with even unbelievable Nigeria Jobs.

Start right now to examine yourself and take note of all these mistakes the next time you are applying for a job. I wish you success.

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