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Organic Ingredients For Deworming In Dairy Cattle

Animal manures are at the top of the list for adding nutrient to the soil in an Organic Garden. Manures are typically from Cattle, Horse and Sheep. Sheep manures are popular due to the small pelletised form but they tend to be lacking in nutrients when compared to Cattle manure. Chicken manure is also popular but should be well aged before adding to garden beds. Chicken manure, when fresh is high in Nitrogen and tends to burn young plants.

Chicken Manure is an ideal additive to a compost heap. The high nitrogen content aids in the decomposition of the material and can lead to quicker compost being formed. It should be scattered periodically on compost in thin layers to avoid a thick “glug” of chicken manure in the middle of the compost heap. Fresh chicken manure may be applied to a lawn with a thick Flatweed growth. Flat weeds do not respond well to high nitrogenous fertilisers and will wilt. Most grasses will thrive on high nitrogen products.

Organic Manures can be bought from most garden centres and can also be collected direct from chicken farms, Cattle farms and the like. Some companies also produce pelletised forms of manures, which are suitable for many applications. If you don’t mind the idea of collecting your own, contact farms in your area and ask them if they would mind you collecting a bag or 2 direct from the paddock. Most, if not all will be pleased to have you collect it.

Plants which respond well to manures in the garden include:

  • Tomatoes, Capsicum, Pumpkin & Zucchini
  • Roses, Annual beds, Perennials and most flowering plants

  • Manures are not recommended for indoor plants due to typical smell that comes with all manure.

    When applying to Leafy Vegetable plants – Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower it is best to mix the manure with water and apply with a watering can directly to the base of the plant. Especially if it is being added near plants that are ready to be harvested.

    It is best to get your manure from farmers who use Organic Agricultural practices. If this is not possible and you are adding your manure to Vermiculture systems (Worm Farms) be sure the cattle have not been given any form of “worm prevention medication” at least a month prior to feeding the vermiculture system. If this is not possible, age the manure at least a month first.

    Eric J. Smith is an Organic Gardener and passionate Environmentalist. He is dedicated to promoting the need for an Organic, Natural World. Find out more on Organic Personal Care Products here