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Organic Farming Made Easy

My introduction to organic farming began two years ago. Times were that trying to say the least at the time. I was living in a small rural farmhouse trying to eek out a living as a handyman. But as the housing boom has faded, and the economy has collapsed, work is scarce. I got a book on organic farming, with the feeling that if I could grow my own food it would alleviate some of my economic worries. You see, it would use up some of my increasingly abundant free time, cut down on food expenses, and at the same time, allow me to eat more healthily. And perhaps maybe it would even restore some of my lost sense of pride. At this particular time doing anything would have been a positive thing.

I had been eating food grown by organic farming for some time, but I really didn't know anything about it. Truth be told, I still know very little. You see, the type of organic farming that I was doing, growing small plots of my own stuff, was much different from the agriculture that goes on at the big organic farms scattered across the country.

They need to mass produce, or in this case, grow crops and huge scale by implementing incredibly expensive farm equipment with ways in which to control pests from destroying the crops. For me, I had very little space to meet all of my needs, and I had to really use my it's in order to contain the damage done by those pesky little rodents without resorting to a natural substances which were the bane of organic farming.

The first thing I had to deal with were slugs. Did you realize that you could get rid of slugs using beer? And apparently somehow attracts them and then the very liquid itself ends up drowning them. Dumb little monkeys. Unless you already have tried your hand with organic farming you probably didn't even know that slugs were such a problem. Really, the only way to get these guys is constant vigilance. You really do have to stay on them.

But far worse to organic farming and slugs are those rascally rabbits. You see, unlike my neighbors, I never have sprayed my lawn, so I have always had a family of cute little bunnies living in my yard. I used to really like it till I have learned and con men as they could be. But there are two things bunnies are known for, and the lesser known one is equally impressive. My God, those cute little guys are eating machines. And yes, they do like carrots as much as everyone says. They really made my first foray into organic farming and interesting ride.

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