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Official Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are often seen as extremely formal and need to be carefully staged to ensure that the official wedding photos are perfect.

Personally I hate having my photo taken and the idea of being posed and waiting for ages while everything is arranged and rearranged horrified me so much that I insisted that there be no official wedding photos.

Now this might seem like an strange idea but I wasn’t saying that there be no wedding photos at all, just not ones where everyone has to look perfectly still and be in, quite frankly unnatural poses, to qualify as official wedding photos.

A few of my friends and relatives had obviously brought their cameras to my wedding and I wanted them to feel free to take pictures that looked natural and create our own official wedding photos from copies after they were processed.

The results were fantastic. I think that my wedding photos are great because the majority of the time I was not aware that I was being photographed. This meant that my phobia of the camera did not ruin my wedding photos. As a result we have an album full of wonderful wedding photos taken by friends that really show the day for what it was – a relaxed, beautiful and happy event.

Some of my wedding photos are far better than any professionally staged wedding photos could ever have been and I love them!

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