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While buying a mattress we look at the quality, the softness and the color of the mattress, but we forget to note down the size of the mattress for the bed. There are many sizes of mattress available in the market.

While buying a mattress you should first take note of the size of the bed and the required mattress. The queen size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. If you buy mattresses other than the queen size mattress then the size would be smaller and won’t fit your bed. The queen beds are larger than other beds.

Queen size beds are recommended for couples, as there is enough space to twist and turn and sleep well at night. Queen size mattresses are the most popular mattresses. While buying a mattress other points to be kept in mind are:

Check whether the mattress does not have any bumps in it, the mattress should be uniform all over.

Check the quality of the material used and whether the materials used are anti allergic or not.

Check whether there is a warranty provided by the mattress company, there are many mattress companies, which provide 10- 20 years warranty. Queen size mattresses are the most in demand mattresses.

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