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Listeria In Dairy Products

Are there more vitamins in a raw food diet?

People say: raw vegetables contain more vitamins than cooked. It is true: when you cook the vegetables, the vitamins are lost. One part of them is dissolved in the fluid and another part is destroyed by heat. On the other hand, the walls of the cells are broken so that we can easily take the vitamins up.

So what is the truth? Not all vitamins are dissolved in hot fluid. Some of them are dissolved in fat. It depends on the sort of the vegetables. It is important how you prepare the vegetables.

One thing we know for sure: to cook vegetables in a lot of water for a long time is the death of the vitamins. Thus, if we cook the vegetables in a small amount of water for a short period of time we save the most of the vitamins.

Now cooking for a short period of time is good for something else as well. Namely sometimes raw food in a raw food diet contain “Listeria Monocytogenes” also known as listeria. Especially on manured vegetables (bowel germs of animals).

Listeria can also be found in raw milk and raw fish. The listeria bacterium can cause bowel problems and even miscarriages.. That is why pregnant women are not recommended to eat raw milk cheeses like brie and camembert. Heating up to 70°C (158 F) is good enough.

Now the next question is: how much of the food you eat should be raw food? Some specialists say: 20-30%. They say if you only eat raw food you have to keep on eating the whole day to get enough food substances inside. They see it as a too big risk of shortcomings.

Is the raw food diet helping your digestion?

The followers of the raw-food diet say that by heating food enzymes are separated from the food and these enzymes we need to help our bowels to digest. That is not completely true. We do not need those enzymes for the good digestion. We do need our own enzymes.

Now is eating raw food bad for you?

A well known example of raw meat eaters are Eskimos. They eat the raw meat of fish, seals, and walruses under ice cold temperatures. The term "Eskimo" means "raw meat eater". That is why they prefer to call themselves Inuit, which means "people". So as you can see the raw food diet is not completely new and the Inuit are very healthy people.

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