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List Of All Dairy Products

Browse through the list of Dresden attractions, and you will be surprised to see that along with recently renovated Frauenkirche and Famous Zwinger Palace there is dairy shop in this list.

Opened by the Pfund brothers, Dresden dairy store is located in the New City. Its walls, ceilings and floor are decorated with multicoloured tiles and, according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the most beautiful dairy store in the world. Those who don’t trust Guinness should go and see it for themselves. The store’s clients have been enjoying this opportunity for 125 years now, with several intervals when it was closed during the socialistic times. This 125-year anniversary is celebrated as the city’s remarkable date.

Customers are greeted with dozens of angels, playing children, various animals and flowers. Each tile is painted by hand – altogether they occupy the total space of 248 square meters. Experts in arts think that in some ways these ornaments and colours are similar to the works by the Delft masters.

Nowadays up to thousand visitors come to this dairy store every day. Those who need more than beautiful decorations to be fully satisfied, can buy dairy food, for instance, cheese – various sorts of this product are placed on a four-meter counter, just like many years ago. Huge old refrigerators are kept here in their original form. Of course they are equipped with modern details – but the outer parts of these refrigerators look like those of the old ones.

Paul Pfund, the shop’s founder, came to Dresden with his wife and six daughters in 1879. He was a milkman and was going to open a store here, and so he did. Some time later his brother Friedrich Pfund joined him.

Paul Pfund introduced new technologies of milk processing and new recipes for the dairy products. Special attention was paid to hygiene and sanitary measures. Pfund was the first in Germany to offer condensed milk to its clients. In 1900, they started to pasteurize milk. Thanks to this, they could now expand their business and offer their products to more clients.

The firm was developing rapidly. Several subsidiaries were working, employees were enjoying good working conditions: each of them got medical insurance.

After the company’s founder died in 1923, the business was inherited. It was by some miracle that the building was intact during war and socialistic times (even though in 1972 it was nationalized). During the GDR times the store continued selling cheese (there were only three sorts of it, though), food for children and milk. Communists wanted to destroy its unique interior, but luckily this never happened.

Some time after Germany reunited this property again went to the hands if its former owners. The store was restored and production process revived. Only five per cent of its tile had top be replaced during the renovation works. In 1995, the dairy “heaven” opened its doors again and now, in addition to unique design, 120 sorts of cheese and other dairy products are waiting for you.

This Dresden attraction is so popular that sometimes travel buses even have to queue to get there.

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