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Kirkendall Dairy


Most of you know how I feel about dairy. I'm not a big fanof it because of added hormones and antibiotics, I think purchasing organic is important to reduce exposure...and nevertheless you will still find me grabbing a slice of pizzaor enjoying an ice cream cone on occasion.

It's important to keep things in perspective, and make sureyou continue to enjoy life. ;-)

Reducing Dairy

If a client chooses, I will guide them down the road toreducing dairy products, especially if weight loss is a goalbecause cheese contains a lot of calories for a very smallportion.

One of my recent clients was up to the challenge.

Our goal was weight loss and better health. One of herconcerns was that she had terrible migraines for much ofher life. While we were working on lowering her cholesterol,reducing pain in her joints, and losing weight...something else happened.

Something Was Suspicious

She stopped having migraines. Hmmm... I thought thatwas so cool since these used to put her out of commission,lying in a dark room for an entire day.

Then one day we had a session, and she had experiencedanother one. What triggered it? We went through her diet, and she had not had any dairy products for a long time. She then remembered that the day before her migraine she had sprinkled cheese on her salad. We got suspicious.

Cheese Was The Culprit

So, she eliminated cheese again, and the headaches didn'tcome back. I did some research and discovered there is anallergen called Tyramine that is found in foods like cheeseand red wine. The national headache foundation even did awrite up on it.

Ya never know what will happen when you start taking careof yourself! Yay! I would say this case was a definite success.

If you'd like to come in for a consultation, call me for informationand an appointment. Phone sessions are available also 917-689-6530

Melissa King
Certified Holistic Health Counselor