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Is Homeopathy Safe For People Allergic To Dairy Or Wheat?

The most common reason consumers give for using homeopathic medicines is that they desire a safe alternative to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Indeed, the FDA has recorded no adverse effects, negative drug interactions, or harmful properties associated with homeopathy in its entire lengthy history.

But individuals who are allergic to dairy and/or wheat may need to be more careful than the average consumer when it comes to homeopathic medicines. Like most drugs, these medicines contain inactive ingredients. In this case, the inactive ingredients arenít extraneous fillers, binders, or solvents. They are completely necessary as carriers of the active homeopathic ingredients.

The most common carriers used are solid lactose or liquid alcohol formulations. Lactose is a milk sugar and alcohol is often grain alcohol made from wheat. So is homeopathy safe for dairy or wheat allergy sufferers?

Most homeopathic companies will say that the required doses are so small, a couple tiny tablets or a few drops under the tongue, that allergy sufferers need not be concerned. However, many homeopathic medicines are meant to be taken multiple times a day for a month or longer. Could long-term use of small amounts of substances that initiate acute inflammatory responses in allergic individuals really be good for their health?

Homeopathic tablets and tinctures seem to be a risky proposition for dairy and wheat allergy sufferers. Luckily, a few homeopathic companies have developed water-based homeopathic medicines. Water-based homeopathy is ideal for individuals with allergies. These medicines are available from SafeCareOTC, Sprayology and King Bio. Other companies, such as Boiron and Hylands, offer a few lactose and alcohol-free products as well.

Most of these products are available online and many are available in select stores across the country. If your local natural medicines or health food store doesnít carry lactose and alcohol-free homeopathics then ask them too. A large number of consumers at stores such as these have food allergies, so your local store can only benefit by offering water-based homeopathic medicines that are safe for everyone.

Nicole Evans is an alternative medicine researcher/developer turned medical student. She also works with King Bio, a homeopathic company dedicated to empowering people to safely and naturally improve their health. For cutting edge contemporary homeopathics visit