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Is Dairy Good for You?

Do you really know the truth about dairy? Is dairy as good as the Dairy Council and the governement claims? Is dairy making you sick?

That is the point to the website will show you the research and the truth about all those dairy products that are supposed to be good for you: milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt. They delve into modern dairy farming practices that require more of a knowledge of chemistry than farming and husbandry. And they look at how dairy products from cows are handled by the human body. After all, humans are not cows and human dietary and physical needs are far different than those of a cow.

And looks closely at how cow’s milk affects human babies. Human babies are not calves, yet marketing tells us that mother’s milk is bad for babies and inconvenient. Yet cow’s milk, milk designed to nurture an animal from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds in a short span, is the best solution for a human baby.A hot topic right now is osteoporosis and the huge epidemic it has become in the country’s aging population. Conventional medical wisdom screams, “Drink more milk and eat more dairy. The extra calcium prevents osteoporosis. Milk does a body good!” In actuality, milk does a body bad! The proteins in cow’s milk actually destroy the calcium in the human body worsening the disease it is purported to cure.

So how did we get conditioned into thinking that dairy is good for us? Just blame the Milk Marketing Board and the various dairy marketing associations that for years have been blasting the public with misleading advertisements. All the while, they have been injected their cows with chemicals and steroids to force the cows to produce more milk. And what happens to all those chemicals and hormones? They wind up in the milk we feed our children everyday! And if you don’t believe it, look at the age of puberty in girls in the United States. Puberty in girls is not uncommon in eight year-old girls and one percent of the girls start puberty at age three! How can this be? Plain and simple, it’s the hormones! When you pump a female cow full of hormones to produce more milk, those hormones are passed into the cow’s milk. This milk is then consumed by our daughters causing extremely early puberty.

The effects are the same on boys. Boys consume the same hormone- and chemical-rich milk we feed our girls. Boys are reaching puberty younger as well. And one could argue (though scientific research has yet to prove this out) that our young men are becoming more effeminate by consuming female hormones in their milk. It would be interesting if science would test this theory. Even if this is not the case, our children drink way too much cow’s milk. What our children need to be drinking is clean, pure water. However, that is a topic for another article as our source’s of clean water are becoming harder and harder to find.

Dean Novosat writes about health and nutrition. He has two websites and