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The biggest area, Chicago, has the most Illinois colleges to offer. There are over 40 colleges here, offering everything you could ever want to study. Chicago offers community, specialty, and even private colleges. Some of the colleges found here include Capri Oak Forest College, Lexington College, and Columbia College. Chicago is a big attraction in IL, with students always having something to do with their spare time.

The other areas that make up Illinois colleges include Evanston, Peoria, Bloomington, Quincy, Springfield, and East St. Louis. Marion is included as well, as itís near the bottom of the state. Youíll find hundreds of colleges located throughout Illinois, something for every prospective student. Although there are some smaller areas of IL, each one has several different colleges to offer you. From the biggest area to the largest, Illinois has something for everyone. If you live in Illinois youíre close to several schools, yet if you live far away you can always travel to an Illinois college of your choice.

For the best in education and learning, Illinois colleges have everything you need to learn your career of interest. Most colleges in the area accept scholarships and offer financial aid, which is great for students who donít have a lot of money. Tuition rates for the better colleges can be extremely high, which makes financial aid a great thing. This way, even if you donít have the money to cover tuition, you can still get a great education at the college of your choice. If youíve been thinking about attending college or going back, Illinois colleges are perfect for those living in Illinois. There are several to choose from Ė all you need to do is put forth the effort finding the one that best fits your needs and interests.

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