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How To Start A Farming Service In Houston

Houston, Texas, is one of the world’s major oil centers. It is the industrial, commercial and financial hub of southwest America. Farming is a favorite career choice for many on the outskirts of Houston and the government also encourages it. The Implementation Group for Sustainable Farming and Food helps new entrants to farming under the name Defra. They offer a support package entitled ‘Fresh Start’ to the new entrants of farming community.

Starting a Farming Service In Houston:

Before venturing into the challenging job of farming, develop a business concept. Clarify in your mind why you want to do it and the impact of your decision on your family, your personal and family economy, and their relocation from a city to a farmland. Analyze the “what-if” factor for five years. A few issues relevant to the farming business are:

1. Business plan: It typically consists of summary of your business concept, background information and history, description of products, management structure and organization, marketing plan and financial plans. Use the various resources and tools to prepare a step-by-step business plan to guide you through the nitty-gritty’s of the business growth.

2. Business concept: Develop the business concept by asking your self honestly a few questions. This will help you in filling a specific niche for higher demand of the product. Ask yourself how will you make your farm different from other farms in the vicinity? What will be your produce marketing technique? Will your product be superior to the existing product in the market to grab customer’s attention? What will be your price line, lower or competitive? Who will you market through, self or state machinery? Since farming is not a 9-5 job, how will you balance time with work and family? Once you have answered these queries sincerely, proceed further.

3. Finances: Analyze the financial situation with state of art tools and stay up-to-date with real financial situation at all times. How will you start farming, by borrowing or taking loans? Draw a financial plan with income statement, cash flow analysis and balance sheet. Manage record keeping and accounting books meticulously.

4. Education and Experience: There is no need of any formal education for farming, but some experience in this field will stand you in good stead. Some classes and tools are specifically tailored to train new farmers. A few resources are specially targeted to farm ‘set-ups’. Attend new farmer classes, field days and meetings of agriculture industry groups to learn about the farm basics.

5. Mentor: Sources of support like family, friends, farming groups, agricultural service providers such as state university extension educators and farm related organizations would help in establishing you into farming community. Mentoring helps you respond better to the challenges of the new job.

6. Information: Search a few good websites to get more information on farming. Meet farmers to get first hand information of farming.

Starting a farming business in Houston, though challenging, is a very rewarding business. It not only has a huge profit margin but also gives better health outdoors.

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