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How Often Should Dairy Cattle Be Fed

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid, has been shown to reduce abdominal obesity. Published studies have shown that it reduces body fat and increases lean muscle mass. A study in Norway found that people who took 3000 mg of CLA for 3 months had a 20 percent reduction in body fat and a five percent increase in lean muscle.

In a different double blind month long study of 25 men the abdominal diameter (waist measurement) of those taking CLA was significantly reduced. The drop in waist measurement was an average of 1.4 cm. None of the men changed their eating habits or exercise routine during the month long study.

Mice fed CLA had a 60 percent lower body fat compared to the control group. CLA has consistently shown an ability to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. When CLA is combined with gaurana the fat burning effects are greatly enhanced and appetite is reduced.

In a 24 month study, subjects lost an average of 4 to 6 pounds following their normal diet and exercise routines. There was no change in the weights of the control group.

The list of benefits of CLA supplementation is long. It improves insulin sensitivity, and may lower LDL cholesterol. It helps maintain healthy cell membranes. CLA has shown some cancer protection properties. It has also shown to be protective against heart disease.

CLA can be found in meat such as beef, lamb and in dairy products like yogurt, and butter. Today there is less CLA in food. Most cows are fattened in feedlots on grains and not on grasses. This has reduced the CLA in milk and meat by 80 percent compared to grass fed cattle. To ensure that you are getting enough CLA from your food eat meat from cattle that are fed grass. Choose meat that is organic. Since many people have decreased their meat and dairy product consumption they are not getting enough CLA from their food. Supplements are necessary. Conjugated linoleic acid capsules can be found at most health food and vitamin stores.

Previous generations consumed more dietary CLA. It has been suggested that a deficiency of CLA in our diet may be the reason for the present day obesity epidemic.

Research has shown that CLA can reduce abdominal fat, increase your fat metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. Most studies involved taking six 500 mg. capsules of CLA a day on an empty stomach. CLA should be part of all weight loss programs. Consult your doctor before using supplements.

Linda Tremer has studied nutrition, weight loss and fitness for over 30 years. She is the owner of the website The Center For Weight Loss

Her site is dedicated to helping you lose weight. Many weight loss programs and healthy diet plans are reviewed on her site.