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How Much Should You Feed Dairy Cattle

When you receive the Seal you begin to take care of your health. One of the things you can do is eat organic, but you might be surprised to find that some of your organic food may come from China.

It is happening right now particularly with organic dairies. Many of them in places like the Pacific Northwest have been forced to import feed like soybeans for their cows from China.

This is definitely a cause for concern. The feed from China might simply not be organic. Recently a number of Chinese food products have been pulled from the market, some that was pet food for killing pets.

And there have been a large number of toys made in China recalled for having lead in them. The toys are different from the feed since they are not a food product, but what is the same is the lack of oversight.

There is more trustworthy oversight in the United States, and even here in the US some producers who claim to be organic may "cut corners" here and there and feed non-organic feed to their cattle.

It is tempting to do so right now. The number of organic dairies is growing so much that demand for the organic feed is increasing at 20 percent a year while the production of organic feed is only growing at about 4 percent.

Nothing is due to change soon either. Recently efforts have been made to get farmers to switch to producing corn for ethanol. A great idea, but it does compete with production of food for humans and animals.

That means there will be a shortage of organic feed for cattle into the foreseeable future. Soybeans are high-protein "organic" feed that are commonly now imported from China in places on the West Coast.

It costs no more to import the soybeans from China than it costs to ship them from the Midwest where they might be a little more plentiful. China is where they are available. And to stay in business that is where the organic dairies must buy from.

As the story goes it is impossible to find the organic feed nowadays. It sells for a much higher price and that does motivate some farmers to produce it. But with organic crops comes many added headaches.

Weeds are one problem organic farmers have to deal with because they can not use herbicides. And then there could be insects devouring the crop because they could not use pesticides.

So the crops bring in more money but they can not produce as much and have to work harder to produce them. Many farmers find it is just easier to grow corn for ethanol since then there is no reason for it to be organic.

It seems reasonable to believe that the Chinese would be tempted to "cheat" with organic crop production. Some "cheated" with many other products which did not pose the difficulties in production that organic crops pose.

Was it at all difficult to produce toys without lead in them? It would cost more money to test each toy just to make sure. But perhaps keeping the lead out is not as difficult as growing crops with weeds choking them and insects devouring what is left of them.

When you are sealed God will show you how to take care of your health. You may choose to eat organic because it is friendly to the environment as well as good for you. And you may choose to support local farmers.

Those are three noble causes. But you might be surprised to find that some "organic" products might not be organic at all. So you may be challenged to take care of your health when you receive the Seal.

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