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Hood Dairy

The following is a general guide to installing an aftermarket hood onto your car. We only provide these instructions to give you an idea of what you will need to do in order to install the hood. We highly recommend that you have your hood installed by a professional experienced in aftermarket installation.

Removing Your Existing Hood:
To remove your existing stock hood, you will need the assistance of a friend or two. Begin by lifting the hood up and remove the hood shocks first. Once you have the hood shocks off, you'll need someone to support the hood. Now disconnect the window washer fluid lines by pulling them off. Just pull off from the plastic adapter.

Remove the 4 bolts attaching the hood to the hinges. Do one side at a time, with someone holding the other side. Once the hood is off, place in safe place so it doesn't fall on anyone. Small children and family pets could be seriously injured if a hood were to fall on them.

Installing Your New Hood:
Take your new hood and place it on the hinges. Using an allen-key simply screw in the bolts that your new hood came with. We do not recommend using your old stock screws to install the new hood.

Once you have installed the hood, open and close it to check the fitment. If the hood is too high attempt readjusting the bolts to have it line up better. If that does not work, remove the front grill and unbolt the hood hook-latch to position it lower. You can also try screwing in or removing the rubber knubs on either side of the sub frame.

To finish the job, just reconnect the washer fluid lines and plastic adapters.