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The purpose of this article is to improve the public’s knowledge about dogs, the West Highland Terrier in particular. Many people decide that they want a dog based off of appearance alone. While this may not be a terrible thing to do if the person has the ability to accommodate all types of dogs, for some individuals the care for specific types of dog breeds is not possible. The best way to avoid any surprises after the adopting or purchase of a dog is to understand the breed and what it takes to care for it. We will go over some of the basic characteristics of the West Highland Terrier to help you get a better understanding of the West Highland Terrier as a breed and possibly a new addition to your family.

The West Highland Terrier, or “Westie”, is a small high spirited breed with a shrill voice and insatiable appetite for companionship. The Westie is very easy to keep fed due to their small size at 11 inches and 19 lbs. The main drawback to this breed is the constant need for bathing since their snow white coat dirties easily and quickly. The Westie, as small as they are, will make a great protector of the home, as I am not sure they know their actual size. This is an ideal breed for families and individuals alike.

We hope that we have assisted you I your quest for knowledge and understanding of the West Highland Terrier. Please look below for some additional resources. The first thing you will want to do is see what the West Highland Terrier looks like. The next thing you will need to do is house train your West Highland Terrier. We find that one of the most common reasons that someone will get rid of West Highland Terrier’s is that they are not house trained. There is a wonderful manual that can be used and you will find the link below. Lastly we want you to show off your new West Highland Terrier. There is a wonderful online dog community complete with a forum for you to post pictures to. Check it out.

The key to success is to love your West Highland Terrier and nothing will help you achieve that more than bonding with them. Spend time with your West Highland Terrier and make them a happy and healthy addition to your family.

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