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High Potassium In Alfalfa Problems And Dairy Cattle

Alfalfa plant or Alfalfa sprout juice Alfalfa plant, which is also known as lucerne or bum clover, is usually known to fatten cattle, and the juice has long been employed to put weight on people. Combined with carrot and lettuce, alfalfa juice is reputed to aid the growth of hair. Like comfrey the alfalfa plant has exceptionally long roots, sometimes over 120 ft (37m).

These enable the plant to be an efficient concentrator of trace elements. Alfalfa plant is a very concentrated source of vitamin A, which is not lost when the plant is dried and sold in tablet form, and of vitamin C. Not all of us live near a source of alfalfa, but it is as easy to sprout, to mustard and cress, and the resulting sprouts are not only of a high nutritional order but are also exceptional providers of a wide spectrum I minerals.

The high vitamin K content is important as a blood clotting factor and has been found in animal studies to control high blood-pressure, although the importance of this to man is not yet established. Alfalfa juice is normally taken in combination with carrot because it is very strong alone and the two complement each other well. It must be said that it is not very tasty on its own so its use as pan of a juice combination is the more acceptable way of using alfalfa as pan of a healthy diet.

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