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Gestation Length Of Dairy Cattle

What is the law of gestation? Is it another hype up term used by motivational guru to sell their course or just another scientific phenomenon?

The law of gestation is a natural process of the universe. There is a time for everything and a season for every changes under the sun. A baby takes 9 months to come to full term. A fertilized chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch. Diamonds take ages to form and so on. Try to short cut this process and you’ll get a premature / dead baby or inferior product.

A farmer needs to wait and know the right timing to harvest if he wants a bountiful harvest with quality produce. A pilot needs to wait for clearance from the control tower before he can make a safe and successful landing. I can go on forever, but i think you know what i mean. Timing is crucial in every activity we perform daily. Do it in the wrong timing and you ruin your everything you have created earlier.

The law of gestation is an important element to observe and practice in relation to the law of attraction. Do not expect to reap your result overnight or shortcut the process. Doing so may mean faster return but the result is always compromised. Acquiring wealth also requires a gestation period. The timing is dependent on our skill and knowledge level, awareness, desire, focus and most of all, our faith. Get ready our drenches when we ask God for rain. Faith without action is dead. We must act on our belief. There is no need rush and there shouldn’t be any unnecessary delay either. Be patient, persistent and constantly upgrade ourselves. Compliment the law of gestation and the law will return you with the desires of your heart.

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