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Gary Magness: Not Your Typical Rich Guy

Who is Gary Magness? According to Forbes magazine, he is one of the 400 richest men in America. To be exact, Forbes ranks Gary at number three hundred and eighty four, with a net worth of nine hundred million dollars.

But other than being rich, who is Gary Magness? Well, Gary has what you'd have to call diverse interests. His company, Magness Investments Group, oversees over 30 operational businesses.

One of those 30 businesses is Magness Land and Cattle. This cattle operation routinely produces champion Limousin cattle every year. Limousin cattle are originally a French breed of cattle, easily distinguished by their beautiful red coats. They are also known for excellent lean meat production.

Magness Land and Cattle prides themselves on raising champion Limousin cattle. In fact, they just recently won both at American Royal Limousin Show in Kansas City, MO. Gary Magness' company is actually working with Colorado State University and Smithfield Beef to breed the perfect beef cow.

The Cattle industry does not have a lock on the interests of Gary Magness, though. Gary also loves cars and trucks. Gary is a team leader for the Mango Racing team, the head driver for Truck 250. His team races in the famous Baja 1000, the most demanding off road race on this globe. Gary and his team race Pro-Trucks, a vehicle created by Ivan “Ironman” Stewart.

Gary Magness also enjoyes a wide variety of sports, including bird hunting, fly fishing, and reading. He and his family also actively support charities, including the Food Bank Of The Rockies.

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