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Food Sources for Calcium - All Dairy and Non-Dairy Food Sources for Calcium

There are hundreds of food sources for calcium which can be categorized as dairy and non-dairy sources. They provide fairly good amounts of calcium and only 4 or 5 of them can be added to everyday diet to receive enough calcium for one day. Letís find out what these sources are.

1. Calcium-Fortified Food: Starting off with calcium-fortified cereals almost all of us are fond of. 1 oz. of these cereals can provide up to 500 Ė 1000 mg of calcium depending on the contents. Read the box carefully to find out how much calcium you get by eating these cereals. Similarly, calcium-fortified orange juice and soy beverages can also be used to receive adequate amounts of calcium.

2. Milk and Dairy Products: Milk and dairy products have found to be the richest food sources for calcium. Frozen yoghurt, processed cheese spread, cream and ice cream of any flavor you like are all good sources of calcium. You can include milk to your everyday diet by drinking it directly or adding it to desserts. Similarly, baked desserts can be made by adding blackstrap molasses to them. Blackstrap molasses is known as one of the most beneficial food sources for calcium.

3. Vegetarian Diet: Vegetables such as collards, spinach, turnip greens, kale, okra, dandelion greens, cabbage, broccoli, and beet greens are also rich sources of calcium. You can either cook them separately or make salads by mixing 2 or 3 of these vegetables to fulfill your daily calcium needs. Beans and nuts also provide adequate amounts of calcium and can be added to desserts and other dishes.

4. Seafood: Fish, seafood and sea vegetables are rich sources of calcium and many other important minerals and vitamins. The most prominent ones are sardines from the Atlantic, pink salmon, ocean perch, crabs, shrimps and oysters. 3 oz. of sardines provides up to 330 mg of calcium. Is it recommended that you eat these fish with bones. Canned seafood can also be used to obtain a good percentage of calcium on a daily basis.

Many other food materials are also included in this category. Fish and seafood are healthful sources of calcium because they also provide adequate amounts of vitamin D which is required for proper absorption of calcium.

Other than the above-mentioned food sources for calcium, calcium supplements or tablets can also be consumed regularly to overcome calcium deficiency and fulfill daily requirements of this mineral.

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