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Feeding Dairy Cattle Waste Feed

In the last couple of articles I shared with you the great tips on selecting good aquarium fish and how to transport and acclimatize them to there new surroundings. Today Iím going to tell you about the right way to feed your tropical fish because it is very important.

Did you know that overfeeding is the most common cause of death in aquarium fish? I know this is hard to believe that something so simple could cause the death of more fish than all the diseases and problems with water quality but it is one area that people overlook when is comes to tropical fish.

You need to make sure you donít over feed your fish but on the other hand they need to get enough food to be able to survive and grow healthily. Here are a few tips on how you should feed your new tropical aquarium fish.

1, Feed often but sparingly. This will cut down on uneaten food that will turn into ammonia and could harm or even kill your fish.

2, Watch at feeding times and work out how much the fish can eat within five minutes. Then never feed more than that. This again will create less waste.

3, Try feeding other feeds than donít pollute the water as much. Only feed meaty foods twice or three times a week as these tend to create the most waste.

4, Think about buying a more powerful filter. If you over feed then, the extra waste will cause a strain on your existing filter. Look into upgrading your filter if you keep having problems with ammonia.

5, Buy a few catfish or plecoís. These bottom feeding fish eat the waste food that is left by other fish and will cut down on the end waste. Plecoís also eat algae and keep the tank cleaner.

I hope you look into trying a few of these tips to try and avoid over feeding and ammonia problems caused by food. If you do try them out then Iím sure you will see good results and less fish deaths if youíre having problems with ammonia and nitrate levels in your tank water.

Rob owns a few blogs on aquarium fish and tropical fish