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Farming Gold In WoW - Top 3 Spots

In this article I'm going to cover farming gold in wow. Listed below are the top 3 spots I've seen a lot of success farming in.

Best Farming Spots

Felwood - This is a solid place to farm Angerclaw Maulers. You can find them at (37,43) which is about northeast of the Horde Camp. The great thing with this spot is that there are about 15 Maulers here which can be killed pretty quickly. Expect to collect gray trash items. You can also skin the Maulers for their thick and rugged leather.

Winterspring - There are a lot of farming spots in Winterspring but I'm going to cover Lake of Kel'Theril and Darkwhisper Gorge.

In Lake of Kel'Theril which is found at (53,42), you can farm ghosts such as Anguished Highborne. Ghosts like these aren't that strong and they have a pretty solid drop rate. Expect to collect silver, green items, and maybe even epics.

Darkwhisper Gorge is where you can farm demons such as Herine Slayer. They're pretty tough to kill since they are 60 elites so make sure you're prepared going in. It'll be worth the trouble because they have a 1% drop rate for Eye of Shadow which can be sold for up to 200 gold.

Western Plaguelands - Like Winterspring, there are multiple places where you can find some great farming. Felstone field is one such spot which can be found at (36,57). The undead mobs in this area aren't very strong and respawn rather quickly so you can kill them rapidly for their Runecloth.

Important Things to Note:

As stated these are great spots to farming gold in wow and they have shown me a lot of success but it came at a cost. I had to spend hours upon hours farming these spots just to get an adequate amount of gold. With epic flying mount so expensive, at the pace I was making gold it would have taken me forever to buy one. I invested in a gold making guide because they share techniques used by gold farmers in china. These farmers make a living off farming so they know the most efficient ways to make gold. It's great because now I'm making the gold I used to but at a ton faster rate.

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