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Farming Dairy Farming

One of the fastest ways to start building up your gold in Guild Wars is to perfect your farming skills so you can find more items which can then be sold. Gold in Guild Wars is an important part of your survival in the game. Without plenty of gold, it's difficult to do much of anything within the world of Guild Wars. Warrior are great candidates for farming as they can get by farming on their own. If anything having a farming character is a great way to have a constant flow of gold to your more important Guild Wars accounts.

Farming in the Underworld of smite crawlers is a good way to constantly recover items that can be sold as a source of gold. Bonneti's defense, Dolyak signet, healing signet, Watch Yourself, Vengeful was Khenhei, and Vengeful Weapon are all essential skill needed for this farming build. Any additional speed buffs like sprint make farming even easier. The faster you can farm, the faster you can start building up on your gold.

In the beginning, use your extra speed to get yourself out of the chamber while avoiding the Aatxes. The way this farming build is setup makes in impossible your one to kill Aatxes, so running is usually the only option. Once you grab sight of the Lost Soul, you can get your quest there. Instantly your map should be showing many Grasping Darkness's. Try to attract a few at a time so you can handle them, and slowly pick them off. This build won't be able to handle all the Darknesses at the same time, so try to do your best to entice 3 or 4 away from the pack at a time.

Once lured, from the pack, you can use your Dolyak with a sword or axe at this point, or when Bonetti's has fully charged. Vengeful was Khanhei can then be used to wipe out your enemy. Do this repeatedly and you should be able to clear out the enemies fairly quickly. The faster you take out the Darknesses the better so they aren't able to drain all your energy. Bonetti's is extremely effective here.

Each time you do this you should be able to loot at least 10,000 in gold each run. Though it may be easier for you to just purchase 100,00 gold using real money for usually less than $20. For those on a budget though, this is a great way to callect Guild Wars gold.

Tom Kranz is a an avid player of Eye of the North the expansion to the award winning Guild Wars Follow the links for more information on Eye of the North maps and Guild Wars gold.