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Estrus Cycle Of Dairy Cattle

In talking with hunters all over the US, I have found that even some great hunters still hold on to common myths of deer hunting. In this article I would like to expose what I consider to be the top ten myths of deer hunting.

Myth #1Big bucks roam frequently roam.

Truth #1Big bucks have a home territory that they usually stay in. They may roam some during the rut in search of does in estrus.

Myth#2Bucks bed in the thickest cover.

Truth #2Bucks will bed in thick cover but they will also bed in thin cover on hills and ridges where they can view approaching predators

Myth #3Finding frequent scrapes close together means there is a big buck in the area.

Truth #3This is most likely the work of a younger buck that is showing off his prowess. A mature buck will make big scrapes but not as many as a 1 to 2 year old.

Myth #4 and #5Big bucks don't walk in doe trails.

Bucks follow behind does to avoid danger.

Truth #4 and #5Big bucks normally don't walk in doe trails except during rutting season. A dominant buck will walk a doe trail and behind does when he is following a doe in estrus.

Myth #6A full moon is bad for hunting.

Truth #6Scientific research has found that the second full moon after the fall equinox starts the rutting season in central and northern states.

Myth #7Spooked deer run for miles.

Truth #7While deer can run 35 - 40 mph, they will run for only a couple of hundred yards when frightened.

Myth #8The rut lasts only a few days.

Truth #8Does come into estrus individually. Does that do not breed during their first estrus of the season will enter into estrus again in about a month.

Myth #9The size of a buck's antlers indicates his age.

Truth #9While antler size usually increases with age, the age of a buck cannot be determined by the size of his antlers. Antler size and number of points varies with the individual based on genetics and nutrition.

Myth #10There's no need to stay out hunting in the middle of the day because the deer are resting.

Truth #10Especially under the pressure of the hunting season, deer (including bucks) will be on the move all day.

I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Myths of Deer Hunting!

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