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Er-Riad - Men Older Than 16 Years Old Are Not Admitted

In the capital of Saudi Arabia men older than 16 years are allowed to visit large supermarkets only being accompanied by a woman. Such a paradoxical rule has been accepted by administration of the range of trade centers.

As is well known, the Islamic legislation in most cases limits the right of a woman. For example, in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive a car, they are allowed to get married only with a sanction of male close relatives, leave abroad only accompanied by a man and so on. But the acceptance of any interdictions concerning men, in particular, shops visiting is a rather rare phenomenon.

It appeared that the prohibition for the lonely men entering supermarkets was accepted with the aim... to protect moral foundations of the female population of the country. The fact is that recently in Saudi Arabia has increased the frequency of the of young girls’ coveting cases. In this country when a guy is asking a girl her name or phone number it is considered as a withdrawal from the standard norms of behavior.

After the administrative prohibition has been accepted men are compelled to keep closer to their mothers, wives, sisters and other relatives of female. Those who dare to come to a shop in loneliness, risk to be not allowed to enter the supermarket. The local young guys say that they should pretend that they are entering the shop together with a group of women ostensibly being their relatives. It even gets to the situations when husbands are often not allowed to get into the shop though their wives are already being inside, but men for any reason are being late outside. A number of enterprising women use this situation for their own aims, taking 50 local rials for the entrance into the shop.

Despite the indignation of a male half of Saudi's capital, the rule regarding visiting supermarkets is being not changed yet. In other cities of Saudi Arabia similar administrative norms have not come into acceptance yet...

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