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Dutchbelt Dairy Cattle

Tracking our nations cattle is important to make sure our meat is safe from Mad Cow disease in fact it is essential that we pay attention to these things in the future. People are pretty fearful of such things whether or not the fear is warranted or not. The Cattle and Beef Industry is a very important part of our civilization and the added protein in our diets helps our nation stay ahead of the pack and feed our large brains as we carry the torch and the worlds most advanced and leading civilization.

Many ideas for tracking our cattle have been proposed. Some have indicated that bar coding the ear tags has proved to be a great way to use hand held scanners and computer generated lists to track the Cattle from cradle to grave. This makes a lot of sense and is good from a cost standpoint and many ranchers already use these techniques. Recently the idea of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Tags be used to track cattle and although it is a little more expensive, such an overlay system could track the meat to the actual serving container or individual packaging on the store shelves, which seems to make consumers feel happy knowing their beef is truly safe.

Some are saying that since each animal; whether it be a worthless human animal or a future all you can eat steak or even 1000 hamburgers with four legs; has a unique retina pattern. This is very good to know. In New Mexico scientists are actually trying out this new scheme using eye-scanning technology on tracking cattle, which they hope to integrate into a national animal health tracking system.

Although it sounds very interesting and Sci Fi, this idea and concept could actually work, as the beam of light flashes at their eyes without hurting them and records it as a specific animal since no tow animals would be the same. Think on this.

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