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Driftwood Dairy

Aquariums are not complete with just water and few fish swimming around in them. Adding aquarium driftwood can help make a beautiful aquascapes. Driftwood can be anything like small arches, caves, or hollows. Driftwood like branches, stumpy, and planted driftwood are readily available on the aquarium market.

The choice of driftwood would primarily depend on the size of aquarium and the type of aquarium like freshwater or saltwater aquarium and the types of fish present in the aquarium.

When looking for driftwood, it is necessary to make sure that driftwood sinks naturally inside the aquariums, because if it doesn't sink, then they should be attached to a holder to keep them fixed at the bottom of the aquarium.

It is also necessary to make sure that the driftwood is free of snails and algae, so that it does not contaminate the aquarium's ecosystem. To ensure this, many aquarium shops thoroughly clean driftwood to make them safe for your aquarium.

Ensure that any driftwood you purchase do not have tannins in it, so it will not contaminate or discolor the water. Artificial driftwood is widely available at affordable prices. Apart from adding beauty to your aquarium, driftwood helps to mimic the natural environment of fish and help them enjoy being in the aquarium.

There are special kinds of driftwood suited to each kind of fish. For instance, Caribbean driftwood is a favorite of Dart frogs and Terrarium. Planted driftwood, with java fern and java moss growing on top of it, are also available.

A small driftwood centerpiece suitable for aquariums with a capacity of 10 to 30 gallons could cost you around $12.50. The price ranges can go upto $50 for super large driftwood for 100 to 150 gallon capacity aquariums. No matter what the size of your aquarium is or how many fish it holds, adding accessories to it like driftwood pleases the fish in the aquarium and is quite pleasing to the eye.

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