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Density Of Dairy Products

Cholesterol is said to be the fatty, waxy and lipid substance circulating in the bloodstream providing much needed fat to the body. Being the most important substance it not only produces sex hormones but also guards the arteries by providing a covering coat to them. Till now majority of the people and experts are confused whether to call cholesterol a friend or foe.

Cholesterol has proved its importance time and again but also never fails to show itís after affects. According to the experts if the cholesterol is under control and to a certain level it is a boon in disguise but when it exceeds its limit it becomes a bane. Our body is capable enough to produce 85% of cholesterol leaving 15% to fulfill from meat and dairy products. Cholesterol always acts as a friend when it is in control and in certain limit. As it provides the body with the energy and heat required at the time of winters. Overall our body contains 150 grams of cholesterol making 0.2% of our total body weight, which constitutes to be the important body requirement. But some feel it as an enemy as they tend to have high level of cholesterol. High cholesterol is generally accompanied with array of heart diseases like heart attack, heart failure or even coronary heart disease.

There are many ways to reduce the cholesterol level like by consuming less oily food, cutting down the consumption of dairy and meat products and also going in for regular exercises and bodily movements. Primarily there are two types of cholesterols known as High Density Cholesterol and Low Density Cholesterol. It is wise to have higher density cholesterol in the body instead of lower density cholesterol as it is the doorway to many heart and liver related diseases. Generally doctors advice to zero on natural reduction of cholesterol instead of having medications as they are attached with many side effects which can be muscular malfunctioning, liver diseases and affecting digestive system too.

Seeing its positive and negative sides simultaneously it is very difficult to jump on to the conclusion that whether cholesterol is a friend or foe in disguise. It just depends upon the person and the level of cholesterol circulating in his body. So if a person is having high cholesterol then it is his enemy whereas if itís on lower side itís your perfect friend for life. Making you live a happy and healthy life.

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