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Dairy Queen Nutrition

I have always enjoyed Queen's music. So when "Queen greatest hits 2" cd was released in 1991, I was really thrilled. Yet another great "Queen Greatest Hits" cd with all my favourite Queen hits on one cd. Queen has to be one of the best groups ever! Not this in today, gone tomorrow stuff. They even have a degree in music.

Their music has been around for what seems a lifetime. They make good use ofstereo sound effects that goes from left to right. This makes the music even more effective and enjoyable. You can never get bored of their music, as it is lively and interesting (unless you really hate Queen's music).

My favorite tracks on the cd include "Under pressure", "I want it all", "A kind of magic", "I want to break free" (still very popular with the radio stations), "Radio Ga Ga", "The invisible man", "One vision", "I'm going slightly mad". "A kind of magic" was a soaring hit. "Radio ga ga" and "I want to break free" were also very popular hits. David Bowie was featured with Queen for the song "Under pressure". Vanilla Ice made a remix knock off version of "Under pressure" called "Ice, ice baby". One of the tracks "Friends will be friends" was also very popular with the TV ads.

If you don't have this cd, and you enjoy Queen, then I strongly recommend that you purchase this cd. You won't be disappointed! Please feel free to click through to my website for a track list of this cd. You will also be provided with a list of the lowest priced retailers that stock this cd and many other popular cd /dvd titles.

I have been listening to and buying music for the past 30 years now. It is a passion of mine to enjoy great music (you could call it my hobby). I know a masterpiece, when I hear it. For a track list of "Queen greatest hits 2" cd please click on this link