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Dairy Queen Menu

Belonging to a book club is fun and rewarding. When it is your turn to host it can be downright scary! As the host, you have many questions to consider. Do you want to prepare a general or themed menu? Do you want to make book club favors? Do you want your guests to come in costume?

But let us just address the menu today. There are really two ways you can do this. The first is to come up with a general (and delicious) meal.

For example:

1. Caesar Salad, Lasagne, Garlic Bread

2. Asian salad, Beef Lo Mein, Fortune Cookies

3. French Onion Soup, Club Sandwiches, and Cole Slaw

Or you can choose to create a themed menu based on the book your group has read. For example, if you have read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philip Gregory you may choose to make a dinner with an Old English theme. Your menu might include mince meat pie, hunks of bread, and cheese. Themed menus are a ton of fun but require a creative effort and the time to prepare them.

Either way you choose to go you need to ask yourself these questions (1)do I have the time to get creative?, (2)are the members of my group picky eaters?, (3)will i be frustrated if things do not turn out the way I hoped?, and (4)what is my contingency plan if I ruin the first menu? If you choose to do something new or themed, definitely prepare a practice run for your family!

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Desiree, aka Queenie D is an English teacher, mom, and lover of books!

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