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If you have already read The Wrekening you need to hold onto it. In Jayelís newest book Dragon Queen you will find answers to all of your questions. This is the beginning of the saga. I read both books, back to back, and felt you need to read Dragon Queen first. With the two books together the story was very enjoyable. Jayel has a talent to weave the characters and story line into a mesmerizing read. The Dragon Queen is the story of Yavie, her Guardians and their quest to reunite the seven kingdoms. You will find that once you read Dragon Queen you will read The Wrekening again. Both books flowed together with their characters and story, although The Wrekening is about the next generation. The main character in Dragon Queen is Yavie who has a very strong character personality. Jayel has kept with the female lead in this book as she did in the first book. Her style is definitely her own, a little gaming, folklore, and a whole lot of fun.

The Dragon Queen tells you about each of the Guardians, the Ancients, the talismans and which elements each Guardian was linked to. How did a Guardian become linked to a flyte of dragons and why. Who betrayed the Guardians and why? The story will tell you why the kingdoms were shattered and by whom. The Dragon Queen is a story of courage, and adventure, betrayal and love.

This is definitely a book for pure reading enjoyment. I canít wait for the third book.

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