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Dairy Queen Coupon

Everyone has been there: You have this great coupon for the restaurant you are taking your date to. Should you use it and risk looking cheap, or keep it for another time?

There really is not a definite answer to this question. You should know however that using a coupon on a first, second, or third date, is typically considered rude and taboo. When you use a coupon, you are saying to your date that you donít care enough to pay full price. You look really cheap, which is not a turn on. If you must use a coupon, you should try to sneak it to the server without your date knowing. You might do this when your date goes to the restroom or you might take it to the server yourself.

Once you are in a committed relationship however, and you feel comfortable with your partner, using a coupon on a date is no big deal. Actually, at this point, your date will likely see your gesture as a sign of maturity and responsibility. She will love that you think about your budget and will not be offended.

While it seems ridiculous that things can change that quickly throughout a budding relationship, you should know that on those first few dates, everything you do is being analyzed. Your date is sizing you up to see if you fit the bill. So, try not to do anything out of the box, so she can see you for your great attributes.

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