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Dairy Queen Blizzard

We all know the game World of Warcraft. The biggest mmorpg in the world with a subscriber base of over 9 million players. From it's release, over 2 and a half years now many players have complained about other players cheating by buying WoW gold. Blizzard has agreed to take on the role to stop those who are selling the gold. As from what I can see, Blizzard has yet done much to stop and the gold selling has become an even bigger business than over. It comes to my attention that it seems as if there are now a larger portion of players who are looking to buy WOW gold than ever.

Could it be possible that Blizzard is somewhat behind the scenes of gold selling? Whether they are or not but players are accepting the ideal of buying and selling WoW gold. World of Warcraft fans now even sell the gold personally themselves to make extra cash to pay for the subscription fee they pay Blizzard every month.

Blizzard also states that the account is theirs and you cannot sell your virtual account. I question myself, didn't we buy the game and account? Blizzard may own the right to your character and etc but you still paid for the game, the key and you worked on the account yourself. You're able to sell any of your other games that you don't want to play anymore so why can't you sell your account with the cd as well?

Sonly Online Entertainment has 2 of the most popular games which includes EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies. SOE supports the idea of players selling their currencies and etc by providing an auction house in which they charge a small fee for players to auction their virtual items to another player. If blizzard were to pick up on this they would make quite a lot of extra cash (not that they really need it).

The only work I've seen Blizzard doing is banning accounts of the gold sellers accounts. As many accounts as they ban it doesn't seem to stop them. As long as there is a desire from a large number of players who wishes to buy, there will always be a seller who is willing to provide. Why not let the players decide what they want? Isn't the game supposed to cater the players happiness?

Blizzard has threaten many sellers to stop selling with lawsuits but never have one site been shut down yet. I have spoken with several sellers that they've received a letter but nothing after. What good is a threat without the action to back up your words. At this point I believe Blizzard may be giving in to what players want and have let the players build the market.

Josie Lee has made many purchases of WoW gold from sellers. She finds the WoW gold market pretty safe to use and has found many cheap WoW gold sellers.