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Wall speaker jacks are used to provide removable connections between the in-wall wiring and free-standing speakers. It can also be used to connect in-wall wiring and amplifier or receivers. Normal wall speaker jacks will require soldering of wires to the terminals at the rear of the jack. Wall speaker jacks that use screw method are also available in the market. Most sockets used along with wall speaker jacks are plated or color-coded. Wall speaker jacks allow neat connections to the wires and are concealed inside the walls. This allows you to neatly set your wall speakers.

The fast paced development that is taking place in the field of audio equipments can be seen in the area of wall speaker jacks. Several manufactures are producing high quality jacks that look great and are high performance. Some manufactures also produce gold plated socket. Gold plated are costly but their advantage out run the cost. Gold is a good electrical conductor and this property is used efficiently in wall speaker jacks. Gold is also resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It also gives a clean look.

For those on the look out for wall speaker jacks, there are several choices. Most of the manufactures display their product online. This gives you an opportunity to find the specifications and suitability for your environment. Most manufactures also display the pictures of wall speak jacks. The different websites of manufactures will also give you an idea about the average price of wall speaker jacks. Apart from searching the websites of manufactures, you can also get opinion from users. User reviews of wall speaker jacks are posted on several websites. This gives you an opportunity to find more about wall speaker jacks that manufactures might not indulge in. Several bloggers write their opinions on wall speaker jacks. This can also be used as a guideline. Before zeroing in down on a wall speaker jack, it is wise to seek professional help or advice.

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