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Dairy Products Food Groups

The truth may shock you. It may stir you up. It may make you mad. It may make you doubt. It may make you uncertain.

You may not believe me. In fact, I encourage you not to believe me and do your own research. Read the books, research the journals, and listen to the tapes so that you can discover for yourself the best food and nutrition for human health.

At first you will have many more questions than answers. But as you continue your search for the truth, you will discover the simple, common sense answers to your questions.

The more information you collect on your own, the better foundation that you will build. The better foundation you build, the more likely that you will be motivated to embark upon the journey of changing your eating and lifestyle habits—changes that have the power to transform your life forever.

So what are the real four food groups?

They are:

• Fresh, whole vegetables
• Fresh, whole fruits
• Whole grains
• Whole beans, raw nuts and raw seeds

That’s it. These are all the foods that we need for human health.

Okay. I can feel the cries of resistance. I can feel the disbelief. I can hear the questions. Where do we get our protein if we don’t eat meat? Where do we get our calcium if we don’t eat dairy products? Aren’t we supposed to eat some good fats? What about fish? Isn’t that good for you? If I “can’t” eat meat and dairy, what’s left to eat? Do you expect me to live on celery and carrot sticks alone? I cannot tell you how often I have heard these questions. Do you find yourself asking the same ones?

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at for practical direction, hope and inspiration.