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Dairy Products & Fatigue

Fatigue is normal, but when it occurs often, it is called ‘chronic fatigue syndrome,’ or myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a far more severe condition than regular fatigue. Its symptoms can include intense pain, weakness of muscles, deterioration of brain function, disturbances in the digestive system, depression, hypersensitivity, and more. In the worse cases, people with chronic fatigue syndrome can suffer from various cardiac and respiratory troubles. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome usually have very little stamina to handle life's challenges.

Chronic fatigue syndrome has many various symptoms, and they should be identified early in order to find a remedy that works for you. People with chronic fatigue syndrome usually experience overpowering mental and physical exhaustion that cannot be relieved by rest or sleep. When a person shows these symptoms for six months or more, then he or she is diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anyone suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may also exhibit some cognitive problems such as poor memory, logic disorder, difficulties in staying attentive and an overall ‘brain fog.’ Physical pain in the muscles and joints can also be a present symptom, even though, upon examination, there is no apparent inflammations or irritation. Other common symptoms include headaches, lymph node pain, sore throats and abdominal pain. Patients also report bone, eye and testicular pain, neuralgia and painful skin sensitivity.

If you think you have chronic fatigue syndrome, go to a doctor for immediate advice. Most chronic fatigue syndrome patients are easily treated if chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed early. There are treatments available.

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