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Dairy Products and Margarines

Whenever you want to consume any type of dairy product, you should always aim for the 1 percent low-fat or even no fat variety. In eggs for example, all the cholesterol is stored in the yolk. A good source of dietary protein is considered to be egg whites and also, these are cholesterol-free. Cholesterol-free egg substitutes are available in the supermarket if you do indeed have a craving for the yellow part of the egg.

Still, it has been shown through recent studies that the development of heart disease is not affected in any way by the consumption of one egg daily. This may be due to the fact that eggs contain some sort of antioxidant vitamins and unsaturated (rather than saturated) fats that counterbalance the deleterious effect of the cholesterol.

Using soybean oil or olive oil instead of butter, or even liquid margarine such as margarine made from rapeseed oil or soybean oil could be the best idea in order to keep a balanced and low-cholesterol diet. Remember to substitute all your regular diary products to 1 percent or no fat substitute regular milk with 1 percent or no fat if you are a milk drinker.

Same thing goes for yogurt. Instead of ice cream, go for sherbet or low fat yogurt. Cheeses that contain less than 5 grams of fat per ounce are low fat cheeses. Low fat cheeses are recommended almost anywhere in your diet, in your cooking recipes. But still, even with that amount of fat, it is very important to be very careful at the quantity.

Margarine is a very interesting subject when it comes to low fat diets. It is a known fact that margarine has less saturated fat than butter. This of course being the good news. The bad news is that it actually contains more hydrogenated (or trans) fats. It can actually be worse for your cholesterol levels to consume stick margarine rather than eating butter, all because stick margarines contain very high amounts of hydrogenated fats.

If you really are a fan of margarines then you can try the softer margarines since these have lower levels of hydrogenated fat and saturated fat than stick margarine and butter. Softer margarines can be recognized because they always come in a tub or a liquid form. The best bet is to look for margarines that are made with unsaturated liquid vegetable oil. Some other safe substitutes are known to be soybean or olive oil.

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