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Dairy Milk

Milk has been praised for decades as a form of miracle health food that builds stronger bones and turns people into virtual supermen. This promotion is coming from dairy farmers though, who profit from the sale of milk and other products that contain milk.

Of course, these dairy farmers want to make milk sound like the perfect food that everybody should be drinking. Once again, the truth is hidden from the consumer.

Milk is not a safe liquid to be drinking. Milk is processed by pasteurization, which means that it is heated well above 160 degrees to kill any germs in the milk. The problem is that the pasteurization process also kills beneficial enzymes such as lipase and phosphatase.

The pasteurization process also kills other beneficial nutrients that are in the milk, such as immunoglobulins, which are antibodies that strengthen the immune system. After being pasteurized, the milk is homogenized. This process prevents the cream from rising to the top of the milk. After homogenization, synthetic vitamins are added to the milk.

Synthetic vitamins are created by man and are in no way real vitamins. They are chemical substances designed to trick your body into thinking that they are real vitamins. Instead, they cause great harm to your organism.

As for losing weight, milk does not help at all. Instead, milk causes weight gain. In fact, the more milk you drink, the more weight you will gain. This is just one of the harmful effects milk has on the human body.

Milk also causes constipation, allergies, arthritis, acne, mucus, ear infections, and cancer. Got milk? I hope not.


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